Previous list of updates
  • Fixed a bug that would try to place traps when logging out for a break
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed a bug loading prices
  • Fixed a bug that would deposit alching materials
  • Minor fixes

  • Added a brand new Prices API for grabbing item prices
  • Minor fixes

  • Added a new action to drop a trap if you don’t have enough space Black chinchompa hunting
  • Added a new check if your bot hops to a F2P world on accident
  • Minor fixes

  • Added a fail-safe to stop trying to hover the next trap while under attack
  • Fixed a bug with teleporting above 30 wilderness when hunting Black chinchompas
  • Fixed an issue that would rotate the camera excessively when hunting Salamanders
  • Fixed the logic for picking up traps
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Black chinchompa’s teleport handler
  • Fixed a bug if you ran out of Glory charges
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed a bug with camera zoom (Jagex updated the menu again)

  • Fixed a bug that did not start the hunter script via CLI correctly
  • Fixed RuneScape’s new Zoom slider
  • Minor fixes

  • Added a new check to teleport to Edgeville if your player is x tiles away
  • Added a fail-safe if you start Eagle’s Peak without the required item(s)
  • Added a new check for walking to Black chins from Corporal beast
  • Added Kebbit spike to drop list
  • Minor fixes

  • Added extra padding on the GUI
  • Added a new ‘Info’ button to display items required for Eagle’s Peak
  • Added the ability to enable/disable tick manipulation
  • Added a new default path when black chin hunting to bypass Green dragons
  • Fixed a bug with PathPreferenceProfile quest links
  • Fixed a bug while hunting Black chinchompas and not walking to bank
  • Minor fixes

  • Added new checks for invalid prices
  • Minor fixes

  • Added the ability to either high alch or low alch
  • Added a new walking check to alching
  • Fixed a malformed string issue with AltChat
  • Fixed a bug with setting incorrect food names
  • Fixed a bug with setting incorrect alch item names
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally hover the wrong spell when alching
  • Minor Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that did not trap Kebbits correctly
  • Minor fixes

  • Added new checks to drinking Stamina potions
  • Added new checks to the zoom out method
  • Added a new fail safe for dropping
  • Added a new sleep for dropping
  • Minor fixes

  • Added new config values for older accounts that have completed Eagle’s Peak
  • Added a new check for run energy
  • Minor fixes

  • Added new checks to AltChat
  • Fixed a bug that deposited high alch items
  • Minor fixes

  • Added custom food support for progressive mode
  • Added a warning if you are in resizable mode trying to start the script
  • Added Ring of dueling support for more NPC’s
  • Added a new walking handler for Salamanders to reduce misclicks
  • Fixed a bug with C1D1 not executing properly
  • Fixed the 50 year bug on the Hiscores
  • Minor fixes
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