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Hello Everyone!

Today i bring you the most complex thing ive done so far (WITH THANKS TO @Zackaery )
@Zackaery Helped me a tonne with thise and even re-wrote and fixed some of my methods. So i cant thank him enough.
@Zackaery for the Sick Graphics!

[Image: CWn07Hd.png]

The script has the following features:

- Crafts all Available Runes (Excluding SOUL, BLOOD, DEATH & LAW)
- Eating if HP is Below 70%
- Teleporting to House to use Mounted Glory
- Ornate Pool Support (You can change this to any pool by editing the script)

The script may be buggy. So please Babysit - Any issues please use the form below Big Grin
Progress Reports would be A*

Few Points before using the Script.

- Please Select food from the list
- Please Select the Rune you wish to craft
-Please Select the corresponding Rift to the Rune you are Crafting (E.G. Air Rune > Air Rift)
- Select what pouches you want to use. The script repairs degraded ones.
- Must have a Mounted Glory in either the first N,S,E,W Rooms in your POH
- Food you want to use from the List above.
- Supports mining the Rock, Must have Pickaxe Equiped
- Supports Gap and Eyes also



What Method is the Script Stuck on if Any:
What is the Script Doing/Not Doing:
Have you restarted your client:
Logger(.txt Document):

V0.01 - Initial Release - Removed due to Missing Methods
V0.02 - Initial methods fixed. Pouch support added
V0.03 - Script Working and use of Ornate Pool Supported
V0.04 - Gap Supported
V0.05 - Eyes Supported
V0.06 - Pouch Support Made faster
V0.07 - Poly Areas
V0.08 - Script Areas Changed
V0.09 - Repair Pouch Boolean Fixed and Made Efficient
V0.92 - Donator Release & Paint Added

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Congrats on release!
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Have removed the script temporarily to sort some things out and do more testing!

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