Simple farming/birdhouse script
Hello, I need a simple script that starts in castle wars.
  1. Birdhouse run using the House hunting script in the script repository 
  2. Back to castle wars to deposit and withdraw farming equipment
  3. Teleports to 5 different farming patches and plant toadflax seeds & limpwurt seeds (with ability to clear and replant dead plants)
  4. Back to castle wars to deposit & withdraw hops farming items
  5. Break for 1h15m to 1h40m
    The whole script should only take 11m to complete the birdhouse/farming runs. More specific information with locations/items will be provided if you decide to make the script. Can pay with GP!. Thanks!
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I think @IR0N may have made one of these.
OSRS Script Factory
@Project Ah ok cool, I dont see it on the forums, so I'll just send him a PM.
@Project Looks like you got the wrong guy haha, says he hasnt made it
(11-23-2020, 01:30 AM)CocoaButters Wrote: @Project Looks like you got the wrong guy haha, says he hasnt made it

lol ooops. I know someone made one. Guess I can't remember who!
OSRS Script Factory
Would also like this making if anyones willing Big Grin
I have this already made, but it would be a paid private release only. Let me know if you're interested Smile

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