Gamble script for GE
hi, im looking for a simple gamble script for grand exchange.

-spamms customizable phrases
-accept trades; only accepts money above 100k
-finishes trades
-rolls a number between 0 and 100; if under 55 it would say a customizable phrase saying he lost; if above 55 another customizable phrase.
-trades the player back if he won and trades twice the ammount received.
-completes the trade and keep spamming customizable phrases again till the next trade
- if trade takes too long, declines the trade, returns to the same positions and keeps spamming.

can someone be able to do this? it seems simple tho
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The script will not be able to multiply the amount given when winning by 2 as this is not a feature yet implemented. The temporary solution would be that the player will need to play with certain amount of pre-defined coins - like for example 100k, 500k, 1m
I see, so the temporary method might be adding conditions for every ammount traded like " if player offers 100k; if the number roll is 55+; then trades 200k" and repeat it for 200k, 300k and so on. would it work?
The other issue would be is you have to script in the Players name that is trading you. As there is no way to trade a random player when they trade you.

I mis-spoke, there is an option to simply accept incoming trades without a player name. But still cant see a way for you to trade the player back as you do need a name.

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