[BETA] v0.31
  • Added "BETA" text to the paint so people could tell the difference between the two hunter versions
  • Added C1D1 (collect 1 drop 1)
  • Added a death counter for Black chinchompas and Black salamanders
  • Added new checks to the trapping system
  • Added AltChat on a separate thread
  • Added support for withdrawing only needed potions at bank
  • Added depositing potions back into the bank after using them
  • Fixed a bug that would try to setup box traps without completing Eagle’s Peak
  • Fixed a bug with the dropping mechanics to drop sooner
  • Fixed a bug that thought you were under attack when trading in wilderness
  • Fixed a bug with AltChat not disposing properly
  • Fixed a bug where GUI would not save/load banking Chinchompa settings
  • Fixed a bug saving/loading any text input with spaces
  • Fixed a bug with Black chinchompa locations
  • Fixed a bug that would bring Stamina potions into wilderness for Black chinchompas
  • Fixed a bug walking to Black chinchompa location using Games necklace
  • Fixed a bug that would continue to try to pickup traps while you were under attack at Black chinchompas
  • Fixed a bug that did not stop trying to world hop when under attack
  • Fixed a bug with area checks before teleporting
  • Fixed a bug that would try to walk back to Black chinchompas after being attacked
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t recognize failing to pickup a trap
  • Minor fixes
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