[Info] Why I dont use proxies.
Basic understanding of your IP and MAC, and why I do not personally use proxies.

I personally do not bother with proxies because I do not run a large bot farm. I never run more than 10+ accounts at a time and have recently been cycling between 6-8 at any given time.  Because I am not a "big bot farm" or running multiple suicide botting accounts I feel proxies are a waste of my money. 

I have actually seen REDUCED BAN RATES since I stopped using proxies.

Below is my knowledge on how networks work and why I bot on my own hardware and normal IP without a proxy.

Info on IP's and MAC addresses:

Your global IP (what the world sees) is given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  Most ISP's use dynamic leasing.  So for example I know that with my ISP i can unplug my modem for 10 minutes plug it back in and 9 out of 10 times I will get leased a new IP.  This is something I do just out of paranoia if I catch a lot of bans in a short time frame.

The reason, in my opinion, why they do not monitor or typically "chain ban" based off IP is because of the way IP subnets and supernets work.  For example if you play OSRS and bot at a university campus and another person also plays OSRS legitimately at the same campus and you both connect to the internet through the campus WiFi, then as far as the outside world is concerned you both will have the same IP address.  You can see where this would lead to issues and false-positives on bans.

Even on a larger scale, some IPS's do this within their own customers because they may have less IPV4 address to hand out than they do customers.

To add to that there are also different classifications assigned to different IP ranges.  When a company looks at your IP they can tell if it is residential (normal house), commercial, or even data center related.  This is why I personally do not use proxies.  My residential IP, again, in my opinion, will raise less flags on Jagex's system then a cheap/bad proxy that listed as a data center IP that is potentially even shared by other botters.

This leads into why people also like to spoof their MAC address.  A MAC address is a unique global address assigned to your physical network adapter (your wireless card or the spot where you plug in your network cable).  So some people believe that MAC address are what get flagged because its easier to isolate them and have less false positives than say an IP address.

However due to several farms using Virtual Machines anyway and with how easily it is to change your MAC on a VM or spoof your MAC on your physical machine.  Its probably not really worth Jagex time and resources to monitor, unless, again you are running a large farm.

If you have any other questions feel free to continue on the conversation.
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I also don't use proxies, mainly because I'm a cheap ass and think they raise more alarms. So, let's say you run 100+ accounts at the same time on your own home IP, would that raise any flags? What if you only bot for 1-3 hours/day with 100 accounts simultaneously?
So what causes high bans after the first ban?
The proxy/vps market is absolutely filled with ALOT of shitty companies that get their IP's flagged, especially when they market them to goldfarmers and "gamers" but they don't care. They are in the making money business and will resell the same flagged IP's as soon as the customer returns it because he got banned again. It is an absolute shitstorm.

That being said, if you keep looking far and wide and stay away from companies marketing to folks like us, you just might find an honest company that sells well connected and "clean" proxies. Took me a while but I've been working with them for about three years now and it has been a life changer for my farms. I only use "static residentials IP's" that actually look like home IP's, when you use a checking service, no datacenter junk that any MMO would instantly red flag you for. And they are very affordable too. Unfortunately like many good things in life, people wont share the source because it might fuck it up if to many dumb dumbs find it.

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