Progressive Herb Cleaner with GE restocking
⚡ Strange Progressive Herb Cleaner with GE restocking


✅  Progressive Herb Cleaner.
✅  GE restocking with ranarrs at level 25+!
✅  GE restocking buy/sell & quantity variables at beginning of script.
✅  Levels Herblore while making profit the whole way.
✅  At level 25+ the script can PROFIT about 200k+ p/h cleaning Ranarrs.
✅  Gain roughly 37k herblore xp per hour while making a profit.
✅  If required materials are missing the script will log out and stop.
✅  Random delays to help reduce bans.
✅  Clears clutter from your inventory and withdraws only needed items.
✅  Fast, simple, and just works.

☞  Druidic Ritual quest complete
☞  Levels 3-5 require about 90 Grimy Guam Leafs
☞  Levels 5-11 require about 260 Grimy Marrentills
☞  Levels 11-20 require about 625 Grimy Tarromin's
☞  Levels 20-25 require about 540 Grimy Harralander's
☞  Levels 25+ require Grimy ranarr weed's
☞  Minimum of 1mill in bank or 84+ Grimy ranarrs in bank for 25+


⚀ Start at any bank.
⚁ Ensure you have all needed grimy herbs in bank.
⚂ L3-25 costs about 415k, however it will make a profit after cleaning all herbs.
⚃ L25+ it only cleans ranarrs for best profit while leveling.

⚀ Have a minimum of 1mill or 84+ grimy ranarrs in bank
⚁ If setting custom buy/sell quantity i recommend numbers divisible by 28
⚂ LEnsure buy/sell prices will buy or sell within 3-8 seconds or script may kick in failsafe and stop script.

Known Issues:

☣ If script or client lags and it does not clean a herb, it will try re-cleaning entire inventory again until all herbs are cleaned.
☣ Restocking was kind of done rushed, so script must be able to start/finish restocking, it will not pickup in the middle of restocking.

Future Goals:

⚒ Resolve All known Issues
⚒ Add GE re-stocking feature for ranarrs.
⚒ Add more checks on restocking to allow instant collection once buy/sell orders complete.
⚒ Add variables to allow for waiting while restocking materials is pending.

Concerned about bans? Well me too, however I have done this on two accounts so far getting them from L3-35+ so far and neither have been banned! And this was with them restocking with only 84 ranarrs at a time.

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Used it to get 22 Herblore, worked flawless for me.
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Looks great! I don't think I have ever profited training Herblore before. Can't wait to try this!
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Anyone use this script lately? I.e does it still work ha?
Should work - it is a simple enough script, give it a try and see how it does
(10-28-2020, 03:24 PM)Chris01 Wrote: Anyone use this script lately? I.e does it still work ha?

Still works, you may just need to keep and eye on and update the GE prices for herbs.
Loving this script right now, gonna see how far it gets me.
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(01-12-2021, 01:31 PM)Udyr Wrote: Loving this script right now, gonna see how far it gets me.

Post a proggy report if it works out!

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