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"AltChat is designed to provide end-users with a seamless conversation that bridges the gap between chatbot and human interactions." -

I've personally noticed a large decrease in bans when using a chatbot while botting. Not only does it add another human characteristic to your bots, but it also adds more randomness to your play style, as well as helps keep other players from reporting your accounts. Player reported accounts are said to have a higher ban rate as well. So by saving your accounts for longer periods of time, you will directly increase your profits (if gold farming), and levels (if skilling). 
To gain access to AltChat, simply register on their website, select your plan, and you’re done. You’ll be given access to an API key, as well as statistics as to how many times your bot has engaged in a conversation. Registration is free and may be found on their website. It is only $4, and may be used across all your accounts and all of my scripts.
Enable chatbot:
- Allows the script to communicate with other players using a state of the art artificial intelligent system.
Enable multiple conversations at once:
- Allows the script to communicate with multiple players at once a state of the art artificial intelligent system.


Bank Chinchompas At X:

- When hunting Chinchompas, it is always a good idea to bank your chins every once in a while. This can assure the safety of your hunted Chinchompas, without the worry of dying from a freak accident. It is always recommended to use this feature when hunting Black Chinchompas!


- The live chat is something I created to allow users to ask questions, get help or even just to hangout with other users of the script! The chat runs off a free application known as Discord, and is simple to join!

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Use Smart Hop:

- Smart hop is designed to to get the most out of your botting experience. If another user decides to come hunt next to you, it almost instantly begins to decrease your profit/hr, as well as your exp/hr. What smart hop does is recognizes when a user is X tiles away from you, and has a trap placed X tiles away from you. Once it recognizes the required criteria, the bot will pick up all your traps and world hop to a free world. The values of these can be set by clicking the edit box next to the check box, but are defaulted to 5 and 4 tiles respectively. There are however some times when you don't mind if users hunt next to you, which you can turn off this feature. There is also no need to worry about other players crashing your spots because the script will automatically recognize when another player placed a trap on your spot, and move to a new one.

Trap Relocation:

- This feature allows the bot to generate a new trap spot if your current one becomes taken by another user, or gets crashed. The bot knows if a trap laid down on one of your specific tiles belongs to someone else, and picks a new location for your player to use instead. However, when this feature is not selected, the bot will ignore any traps that are placed on your spot(s), and will attempt to use those tiles again when they become available.

Bury Bones:

- Certain NPCs drop bones when being hunted, which allows for a perfect opportunity to raise some prayer levels. This option will bury any bones that are found in your inventory, and get you some free prayer levels along the way.
Logout At Level X:

- Upon reaching your desired level, the bot will pick up all of its traps and log out. You may enter your desired level to the right of the check box.

Enable High Alching:

- Since hunter is a very slow skill during lower levels, it calls for a perfect time to kill two birds with one stone. When your player has finished setting up all possible traps, they will begin alching until a trap needs to be interacted with. Once the required trap has been dealt with, the bot will go back to alching.

Enable Mule Trader:

- The mule trader feature is a very useful setting when botting for long periods of time. To set up the mule trader, select the check box on the GUI. Once you finish setting up the rest of the GUI and settings you would like to use, press run. When you press the run button, a new window will open up prompting you to enter your mule's username exactly as it is spelled. The script should then proceed as normal. In order to activate the mule trader on the script, simply log into your mule account. I would recommend logging your mule into RuneScape's official client for safety reasons. Once logged in, all you have to do is walk near your bot, and when they have more than 30 Chinchompas in their inventory, they will trade you all the Chinchompas they collected. All you have to do is hit accept and then you're done! Your bot will then continue hunting until you walk back near it to dump more Chinchompas over.

Other Settings

C1D1 (Collect 1 Drop 1):

- Designed specifically for salamanders, the release after catch feature is a great way to save on run energy by dropping all of your catches that add a weight to your backpack. You will notice your run energy level staying active a lot longer than waiting until your entire inventory gets full before dropping.

Show my IP:
- Allows users to double check their proxy settings to make sure their public IP is their proxy IP and not their personal IP. Always better to double check than risk your account(s) being flagged.

Eat Food:
- Designed to provide food support for any type of hunting. You may set the food type required, as well as the HP% to eat at. The bot will automatically gather more food when needed, and will keep your accounts from dying to aggressive monsters or players.

Progression Leveling:

1-19 --> Crimson swift
19-43 --> Tropical wagtail
43-63 --> Falconry
63+ --> Red chinchompas

Grand Exchange:

- An amazing feature about this script is how easy it is to just set it up and let it run. You can essentially start the script right off tutorial island after bonding it up and throwing some gold on there. By clicking on the grand exchange button, you are able enable the grand exchange feature, as well as the organize inventory feature. The bot will go to the grand exchange and buy it all items you have listed out in the table of the grand exchange window. A few items I recommend come by default, but you can always change them if you want. These settings will get saved automatically, so you don't have to worry about having to keep retyping them every time you start the script. The other feature, organize inventory, is used basically to make your inventory setup look a lot cleaner so everything isn't scattered around. There are only certain items that can be organized, which will be shown when selecting the check box.

Varrock Museum:

- When starting out at lower levels, hunting can take a lot of time. By selecting this option, your bot will run through the Varrock Museum mini quest and get a quick 9 level of hunter, as well as slayer, in less than 10 minutes! This quest may be ran by itself, or with progression selected.

Eagle's Peak:

- Eagle's Peak will soon be a requirement to hunt Chinchompas in the game, so I've decided to go ahead and add it to the script. This quest is also required if you would like to catch ferrets in the game. Eagle's Peak may be ran by itself, or with progression selected. If you do not have the required items for the quest, please make sure you select the checkbox to go ahead and buy the items for you from the Grand Exchange.

Black Chinchompa Support

- For Black chinchompas, I recommend banking every 50-100 chinchompas to help reduce the risk of a loss from a pk'er. With that being said, the script does have an anti-pk system that has been integrated into it. The script will hop whenever someone is near your combat level and could pose a threat of attacking you. If you do by chance become under attack, the script will run to 30 wilderness and teleport to Edgeville using a charged Glory if there is one in your inventory or equipment slot. If you do not have a glory in your inventory/equipment slot, the bot will run to level 20 wilderness and try another type of teleport that you may have (For example Varrock tele-tab/tele runes, Falador tele-tab/tele runes... etc). However, if you have no other ways of teleporting out of the wilderness, or you become teleblocked, the bot will simply run to Edgeville bank. To get back to your hunting spot after escaping a pk'er or banking, the bot can use a Games necklace that teleports to Corporeal beast, then walks north out of the wilderness back to your location. If you don't have a Games necklace in your inventory/bank/equipment slot, the bot will simply walk back. The script also supports the use of food by automatically detecting it at the start. If you would like to use food while hunting black chins, simply enable the food option on the GUI. Another feature the script supports is to automatically detect when you need new items withdrawn from your bank. If your Glory runs out of charges, or your Games necklace degrades, the bot will automatically withdraw and equip the correct item(s) it needs when visiting the bank. I also recommend turning on "Get more traps" because when you are hunting Black chinchompas, and a pk'er logs in near you, the bot does not try to pickup your traps, it just hops and leaves its old traps on the ground. So if you are hunting and run out of traps, the bot will go back to the bank and withdraw more of them for you, then return. You may also toggle the mule trader option while doing black chinchompas to simply log in and trade over your Black chinchompas to your mule. The bot recognizes your mule, and will not automatically hop when it logs in near you. Since there is a risk of dying when hunting Black chinchompas, the script knows how to handle death-walking (the process of walking back to the spot you previously died). Depending on where your death spawn is, the bot will walk to the closest bank and retrieve all the items you originally started with, then head back up to your trap tiles and continue hunting.

Please follow the recommended list below to successfully hunt Black chinchompas:
* Multiple charged Amulet of glory(6)
* Multiple charged Games necklace(8)
* Decent food
* Lots of Box traps
* Stamina potions

Use Potions At Bank:
- If your player becomes poisoned while hunting black chins, typically from a pk'er using a poisoned weapon like a Dragon dagger, the bot will automatically take a Superantipoison, or a regular Antipoison, from your bank and heal itself. Once finished, the bot will place the rest of the potion(s) back into your bank.

Use Potions At Bank (continued):
- If Quick-prayers are enabled while hunting Black chinchompas, you will most likely need to replenish some of your prayer points when protecting from combat. The bot will automatically withdraw some Prayer potion from your bank and drink it until you are back to max prayer. This saves a lot of time instead of having to run to an alter and recharge your points. Once finished, the bot will place the rest of the potion(s) back into your bank.

Use Potions At Bank (continued):
- Running back and forth from the Black chinchompa area to the bank can take a good bit of your run energy, so to combat this the bot will withdrawal Stamina potions from the bank. The bot will continue drinking them until your run energy is above 75%. Once finished, the bot will place the rest of the potion(s) back into your bank.

Enable Quick-Prayers:
- If you ever become under attack while in the wilderness, the bot will immediately turn on your quick-prayers. Your quick-prayers must be set prior to enabling this feature!

Smart Paint:

- Smart paint is a beautiful display of everything that is going on during your run. It provides detailed information of your trap placement, and is color coordinated with unique displays which represent different things.

Green - The trap has caught something
Yellow - The trap needs to be dismantled
Red - The trap has fallen over
White - Trap is set up and waiting to catch something
Orange - The spot where a trap is supposed to go is empty

CLI Support

- The script now supports starting up with CLI. The commands are given below. Please put in ALL values (true or false) for CLI to work properly. Make sure they are lowercase values, and they are each separated with an underscore. The script ID for the hunter bot is 677.

Parameters: EnableProgression_EnableVarrockMuseum_EnableEaglesPeak_EnableGrandExchange

Example: -script 677:true_false_true_true

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