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  Help with creating a counter and hopping to the next P2P World
Posted by: Dwarom - 09-22-2022, 08:47 PM - Forum: Help - No Replies

Hello, I'm making a couple of scripts for buying soda ash/buckets of sand and also one for battlestaves. Mostly because they are tedious to buy and also I figured they would be simple scripts to begin learning on as I've only just bought the script factory today.

I've only made the soda/bucket of sand buyer and it works but its not perfect.

I'm wondering if its possible to add a counter to count how much soda ash and how much sand has been bought

I'm also wondering if its possible to hop to the next P2P world in the list. At the moment I'm using the 'Hop to random world' function which does work fine but I like the idea of scrolling through the worlds better.
I was originally going to just have it written out as a whole from 302 down to 535 skipping f2p and pvp worlds but that would be thousands of extra lines for little gain

Appreciate any help anyone can give 

Also for context I've attached the ash/sand buyer it its current form - it's super simple

Edit: Just found the inbuilt loot tracker, I'm happy to use that instead of messing around creating a counter. Just the world hopping I need help with I think

Attached Files
.txt   Soda And Sand Buyer.txt (Size: 1.61 KB / Downloads: 5)

Posted by: rcorona197 - 08-20-2022, 05:24 PM - Forum: Bugs - No Replies


Can you please make it so the bot releases the ferrets after catching them?
Also let it recognize that it has too full of an inventory space.

Upon getting a full inventory, the bot just stands there and does nothing with the traps set.

  Suggestion when posting community scripts
Posted by: Snails - 07-29-2022, 08:19 PM - Forum: Other - No Replies


Can I make a suggestion to make it compulsory for script creators to provide some sort of description/information on the script they are posting so it can be easily identified when browsing the SF network.

At the moment, you have to download a script and load it to see what it does.

I think it would provide an overall better user experience if there was a consistent description of the scripts when browsing the network.

It would be even better if it was an OSbot forum post, as this would give more visibility to SF to all OSbot users and would attract more users and scripters.

Thanks Smile

  Pressing "Open" does nothing?
Posted by: nsfwolive - 06-07-2022, 09:55 AM - Forum: Help - Replies (1)

Hello!  Angel

When I press Ctrl+O or Script > Open, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? How do I open a script?

Also when I turn off "click to script", it deletes everything I've made. Is that supposed to happen?

Thanks in advance!

Question Does method numbers have to be in order?
Posted by: run escapes - 04-28-2022, 11:16 PM - Forum: Help - Replies (1)

Do the method numbers matter which order they are in? or do the script read line for line or method numbers? Smile

reason im asking is because if i have to add something to the top of my script it would suck having to re do the entire scripts method numbers lol xD

  help with a simple fighter :)
Posted by: run escapes - 04-27-2022, 07:45 PM - Forum: Help - No Replies

[Image: 2c0cc9bcf4c69118a00a0d7eabaa2c90.png]

just got back into botting after a long break and wanted to work more with script factory Smile

this is my fighter it seems to work fine however sometimes it "ignores" the sleep while in the state and starts clicking the mobs while fighting making it bug out

any tips? Smile

  Noted items
Posted by: bogo - 03-19-2022, 06:36 AM - Forum: Help - Replies (1)

Is there a way to differentiate between normal items and noted items in the inventory? 

Bot keeps wanting to use noted bars on the anvil after buying them at the GE so I want to put in a check to make it bank noted bars.


  [Release] v2.41
Posted by: Project - 02-15-2022, 01:25 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies


  • [Pro Edition] - Added new detection system for Click to Script
  • [Pro Edition] - Added the ability to interact with entities at position with Click to Script
  • Added a new method for data replacement in the Script Network
  • Minor fixes

  [Release] v2.40
Posted by: Project - 02-12-2022, 08:11 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies


  • [Pro Edition] - Added new Observer mode
  • [Pro Edition] - Added new Click to Script performance mode
  • [Pro Edition] - Added new KeyBoard listener
  • Added #interactWith to Bank
  • Added #clickOnArea to Walking
  • Added #myPlayerHeight to MyPlayer
  • Fixed a bug loading scripts to Script Network
  • Fixed a bug with instanced positions
  • Minor fixes

  [Release] v2.39
Posted by: Project - 02-09-2022, 03:19 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies


  • Added updated ‘Switch to Script’ support to the Script Network
  • Minor fixes